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Clay County Museum
The museum's purpose is for displaying exhibits and collections of natural, civil,  literary, and ecclesiastical history for the people of this general area and particularly for the people of Clay County, Tennessee.

The Museum is located on 805 Brown Street, just below  the Cumberland River Hospital. Phone No. 931-243-4220

 Officers are:
    Ray Frances (Rich) Donaldson       931-243-2181
    and  Melissa White

Most of the history of the area mentioned in our  "Historical Sites" section of this web site is taken from the book, "History of Clay County, Tennessee," copyrighted 1986 by the Clay County Homecoming '86,  Historical Book  Committee,  Celina, TN. 38551 This book is in its second printing and is available from the Museum.

Also available is a new picture book which details our  history with lavish photographs.

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