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Night Fishing On Dale Hollow:

Dale Hollow during the summers hot weather, is like a lot of the Tennessee’s deep clear lakes, is difficult to day fish. As one of the local guides put it; “You cast, sweet and wipe”. Night fishing is the only way. The clear days cause the crawfish, primary food source for smallmouth, to go for cover and the water temperature causes the fish to go deeper.
Night time is the right time for big summertime Sallmouth on legendary Dale Hollow Lake. As temperatures rise, big brown Bass become lethargic during daylight hours, but come to life after the sun goes down. In fact, some of the very best summertime Bass fishing comes after midnight!  The after dark bite is particularly good news for fishermen. It can get awfully hot during the day - especially during the months of July, August and September. Once the sun drops over the horizon, however, temperatures drop, and things get a lot more comfortable. Throw in the fact that the beauty of Dale Hollow is still evident at night, and you have a real recipe for a great summertime experience. If you are not familiar with this type of fishing it would be of value to find a guide for a night and learn the tricks.  It does pay off, because there are great fish to be caught from  early evening  until dawn.

most of Dale Hollows’ boat docks will have your fishing licenses

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