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The history of Clay County is bound up with the Cumberland River. Communities
such as  Celina and Arcot sprang up along its banks. Up until the 1930's, the
river was the only practical way of getting in and out of these communities.

The Cumberland River's Historic Landings

The picture at the top of the page was taken at Tennessee Clay Landing 2 (TCL 2). Read about the significance of the various landings and refer to their location on the map.

TCL 1.


Was located at River Mile 385.5 and was just budding into  a good river landing during the steamboat era. The landing  was the first sizable village across the Tennessee  line.  The  landing once served Tompkinsville (Ky.), but is now  nonexistent.

TCL 5.


River Mile 373.4 was used as a storage depot since large  warehouses were located there and owned and operated by the  Butler family. The first Clay County Court meeting  was held  in a store near the river at Butler's Landing on March 6,  1871.


TCL 2.


The Obey River was named for Obediah Terrill. Its name  has changed from Obed, to Obeds, and then to Obey. The  Indian name prior to this naming was Oocooahustehee,  meaning  good  hunting. Located on River Mile 381.

TCL 6.


Below the bluffs, Abraham Lincoln's grandfather operated  a saltpeter mine. The Lincoln’s had a contract in Nashville  and would ferry saltpeter down the Cumberland to  be refined   into gunpowder. Located near River Mile 377.


TCL 3.


County seat of Clay County, was named for Celina Fiske.  Located at River Mile 380 at the junction of the Obey and  Cumberland rivers, Celina was a major port during the   steamboat years between Nashville and Burnside, Kentucky.  Although the Celina landing is now nonexistent, Celina  still connects the north and south by highway.

TCL 7.


On a hill one-half mile south in High Cedar Cemetary is  the burial site of Abraham Lincoln's grandparents. Mr.  Hannaniah Lincoln bought and owned land on this site.  He was   killed by a raiding band of Indians in 1814. Located at  River Mile 371.8.


TCL 4.


Located at River Mile 377. This landing was used as a  river crossing point between the two ends of Clay County.

TCL 8.


River Mile 369.5 was a landing for the sale of produce  and livestock. The landing was owned and operated by the  Tinsley family.


The contents of this page originally appeared in the pamphlet, "Cumberland River," which was prepared by Loren Boyce as  part of an Eagle Scout community service project, 1989.

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