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Cordell Hull Law Office 


The Cordell Hull Law office seen today in its present location has been moved many times, and changed from a three room building to two. With the help of the  State of  Tennessee and  Museum Committee, the building will be moved to a permanent location next to the museum on Brown Street. Plans for complete restoration  have not been finalized. 

Cordell Hull used the building as a law office  in 1891.  Hull was elected special judge by the Clay  County Bar, then elected judge in April 1903. He was then appointed judge by Governor Frazier, and elected to the same position in August of the same year. He pursued a political move in 1892.  After a stint with the U.S. Army, he returned to Celina in 1901. He was elected to congressional terms from 1907-1921. Other accomplishments of Hull include:
--Chairman of the National Democratic party from 1921-1923. 
--Served in the U.S. Senate 1931-33. --Appointed Secretary of State by President  Roosevelt in 1933, and served in this position until Dec. 1 1944 (a term longer than any other man).
--Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1945 for his   work on the establishment of the United  Nations. 
He Died on July 23, 1955. 

Milton C.Sidwell used the building in conjunction  with Hull during the early years of Hull's practice.


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