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Area Churches In Proximity to Dale Hollow Lake

 Christ Bible Baptist
 Court Square
  SS  11:00 am
  Worship  12:00 noon
  Meal After Worship
  Wednesday   7:00 pm
 Contact:   Greg Watson, Minister   243-2247

First Baptist Church
146 East Lake Avenue
SS  10:00 am
 Worship 11:00 am
 Evening    6:00 pm
 Wednesday   7:00 pm
Contact:  Benny Hestand
 Chm, Bd of Deacons 243-3204

 Divine Savior
150 Divine Savior Rd (on Bypass)
Mass: Saturday  7 PM ( July- August )
Contact: Pat Roberts   243-2763
 Priest from St. Thomas Aquinas, Cookeville


     Ashlock Road
    Worship              10:00 am
      Evening  6:00 pm
      Wednesday 6:00 pm
     Contact:  Richard Ashlock    243-2030

    Cave Springs

     Neeley’s Creek Road
      SS  9:00 am
      Worship                9:45 am
      Evening  6:00 pm
      Wednesday 6:00 pm
     Contact:  Harold Reeder, Minister   243-4377


     300 Church Street
    SS  9:00 am
      Worship          10:00 am
      Evening             6:00 pm
      Wednesday      7:00 pm
     Contact:  Bill Threet, Minister     243-3214

    Free Hill

     Free Hill Road
    SS             10:00 am
      Worship             11:00 am
      Evening               5:00 pm
      Wednesday        6:30 pm
    Contact:  Bobby Bartlett, Minister     243-2939
    Norman Hamilton, Minister


     Riverside Drive
    SS  10:00 am
      Worship                10:30 am
      Evening                  4:00 pm
      Wednesday   5:00 pm
     Contact:  James Rich  243-3410

    Rock Springs

     Rock Springs Rd/Fire Hall Road
    SS  9:00 am
      Worship                9:30 am
      Evening                5:00 pm
      Wednesday 6:00 pm
     Contact: Ken Miller, Minister    243-3877

    West Lake Avenue

      Worship              10:00 am
      Evening  6:00 pm
     Contact: Jerry Anderson    258-3714


    Shankey Branch
     Hwy 52
    SS  10:00 am
      Worship           11:00 am
      Evening              6:00 pm
      Wednesday       6:00 pm
     Contact:  Eddie White    403-0480


    Celina United Methodist
     1418 Mitchell Street
    SS  9:30 am
     Worship              11:00 am
     Contact:  Rick Frazier, Pastor
      243-3739 (Church)
      243-3930 (Home)

    Area  Churches in Proximity to  Dale Hollow Lake


    Allons Assembly of God    First Christian Church

    454 Old Celina Road     101 North Main Street

    Allons, TN 38541       Burkesville, KY 270-864-4335
    Living Word Assembly of God   LATTER DAY SAINTS
    Glasgow Road     Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day
    Burkesville, KY       Saints
     3000 Radio Station Road
    270-864-4310      Tompkinsville, KY 42167

                • JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES
                   Burkesville Congregation of
                    Jehovah’s Witnesses
                   Lower Road
                   Burkesville, KY

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