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A  trip from Rising Sun, Indiana to Dale Hollow Lake would be  priced at $750.00 one way and $1,500.00 Round Trip for three  passengers.  It is about a 2 hour flight one way.  His usual Charter  Rates will be $500.00 per hour and the 1949 Cessnaā€™s Cruise Speed is 120 mph.  He is extremely interested in getting some charter trips booked  to DHL for 2 & 3 days so he can offer 30 minute tour rides while he  is here on Dale Hollow waiting to return his passengers to Rising Sun  which is very near Cincinnati, OH.  He will attempt to get Army Corps  Approval for tour rides beginning in 2014 but he already has Army Corps  approval to drop off and pick up charter passengers that are visiting  DHL.  The 30 minute tour rides will be approximately $80.00 per person  with a 3 person capacity.  He hopes to get some OH/IN folks interested  in visiting DHL for 2-3 nights while getting some Tennessee folks  interested in visiting the Cincinnati Area for 1 or 2 nights so he can  Charter back and forth. Very unique way to plan a Getaway€¯ to  Cincinnati.  Just thought you guys may be interested. Pass this along.

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